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Collaborate with Queen Mary

At Queen Mary we work with businesses, the public sector, and charities around the world to shape policy, drive innovation, and create tangible impact.


Kalpana Chaturvedi

Director Of Business Development

Why partner with Queen Mary?

  • Globally significant research – 92 per cent of Queen Mary’s research was assessed as internationally excellent or world-leading. Our local community is among the most diverse in the world, granting us unique insights into the needs of communities across the globe. 
  • Commercially focussed – Our researchers are trained to fix and solve real world challenges. We achieved top category for commercialisation and intellectual property in the Knowledge Exchange Framework. 
  • Real world impact - £4.4 billion of economic impact, including £1.44 billion from research and knowledge exchange, advancing vital fields like AI, sustainability, and health. 

What makes us so keen to work together?

  • Impact – Innovative research should make a social and economic impact, locally and globally. Partnering with businesses, the public sector and charities are among the best ways to achieve that. 
  • Opportunity – When we embrace diversity of thought, opinion, and ideas, we can achieve the unthinkable and take the world to new places. By collaborating with others, we can bring together more experience and skills than we ever could on our own. 
  • Scale – Combining private and public funding with academic expertise allows us to do what we could not do alone. 

How do our partners benefit?

By collaborating with Queen Mary, you can: 

  • Drive competitive advantage through accelerated innovation and creating Intellectual Property. 
  • Access highly qualified and motivated graduates. 
  • Access academic expertise and University facilities. 
  • Grow your business through access to new markets, new product development, increased productivity, and better processes. 

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