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Facilities and resources

Queen Mary is fortunate to have world-class facilities and resources across its three internationally recognised faculties.

We continually invest in our state-of-the art resources and facilities. These allow our researchers to break new ground, and lead to fruitful collaborations with a wide range of business and academic partners.

Many of these resources are available for hire, allowing our collaborators access to highly trained staff and equipment. These research facilities can be booked through iLab.

Queen Mary also contributes to the RCUK-backed equipment sharing database

The list below is a sample of what we can offer our students, staff and external partners.

If you’d like to know more about our research facilities, please visit our A-Z listing.

Selected facilities


Queen Mary’s AMIS (Advanced Molecular Imaging Services) unites our dedicated facilities across the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, Biological and Chemical Sciences, and Science and Engineering. Our highly experienced core facility staff support multi-disciplinary users in cutting-edge research, positioning AMIS as a leading imaging centre in the UK and the world.

Explore our Advanced Molecular Imaging Services

Genome Centre

We work with academic (both with and without Queen Mary affiliation) and corporate partners, on a not-for-profit basis, to achieve their genomics research goals. We provide specialist services in a range of areas such as single cell genomics, RNA sequencing, DNA methylation profiling and targeted DNA sequencing.

Explore the Genome Centre

CREATE facilites montage


The CRoss-InstitutE Advanced Tissue Engineering (CREATE) Lab is an advanced biofabrication facility that supports the development of next-generation in vitro models of human tissues and diseases. The Lab houses state-of-the-art equipment for 3D bioprinting, microfabrication, and device analysis and is available to Queen Mary researchers and external partners. 

Explore the CREATE Lab

A Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

CRUK Barts Centre Mass Spectrometry Facility

The CRUK Barts Centre Mass Spectrometry Facility provides proteomics and metabolomics flux analysis using state-of-the-art instruments and sample preparation methods. The service supports research projects by providing help with experimental design, sample preparation and data analysis.

Explore the CRUK Barts Centre Mass Spectrometry Facility

Lipid Mediator Unit

The Lipid Mediator Unit is a Queen Mary core service. It provides the instrumentation and expertise to investigate endogenous protective mechanisms that may become disrupted by disease, with a focus on bioactive lipid mediators.

Explore the Lipid Mediator Unit

Drama venues for rehearsal and performance

Develop and perform work in our versatile, professionally equipped spaces:

  • Three rehearsal rooms: Two white box gallery-style spaces and a black box studio
  • Pinter Studio: a 55-seater experimental space
  • Film and Drama Studio: A 70-seater theatre and film venue with professional equipment including Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

Explore English and Drama facilities

Broadcast-quality film-making facilities

Production and post-production equipment includes:

  • Two film studios with professional lighting grids and facilities for green-screen work
  • A range of camera and camera equipment including Sony 4K FS7s
  • Lighting, audio and grip equipment
  • Two edit suites with Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve
  • Available via our online booking system Connect 2

Explore film making facilities

Geography laboratory and field suite

We explore a range of environmental factors and processes including the concentrations of pollutants, greenhouse gases and river processes. Researchers will have access to a wide range of resources, including our laboratories for analysis, water chemistry and spectroscopy. We have equipment for gas chromatography, microtomography (CT) and a geo-spatial modelling suite.

Explore Geography facilities


Genomics facility

We provide expertise and services in the isolation, manipulation and analysis of ultra-high molecular weight (uHMW) DNA that range from 150kb to over 2Mb. We have expertise in working with a wide range of tissue types from diverse organisms, from trees and insects to bacteria and mammals.

Our equipment includes:

  • Bionano Saphyr genome mapping system
  • Oxford Nanopore PromethION sequencer
  • Mosquito HV nanolitre liquid handler
  • Agilent Tapestation and Bioanalyser
  • Blue Pippin Fractionator and Covaris Ultrasonicator

Explore Genomics facilities

Gas for TDS

Antenna lab

We have built an extensive antenna test range and electromagnetic characterisation facility, which now virtually covers the whole RF to THz frequency bands, from 700 MHz to 325 GHz. In addition to this, time domain spectrometry at THz frequencies, between 0.1 to 3 THz, is also available.

Our equipment includes:

  • Microwave Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR)
  • Millimetre-wave CATR
  • EMC screened anechoic chamber
  • General purpose anechoic chamber
  • NSI planar near-field beam pattern scanner

Explore Antenna facilities

Particle physics research facilities

The Particle Physics Research Centre has also several tools at its disposal for detector R&D, as well as computing facilities for data analysis, and video-conferencing capabilities.

Our equipment includes:

  • Clean room for semiconductor detector testing
  • Clean Room (ISO 7, Class 10000)
  • Alessi Probe Station
  • QCT Quantum GL 6105 and OGP Flash 200 Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • 3D Printer

Explore Particle Physics facilities

Digital graphics image of cells in white and blue

Organ-on-a-chip and mechanobiology facility

The cell and tissue engineering laboratories provide extensive facilities for tissue engineering, mechanobiology and biomechanics research and teaching.

The facilities include:

  • Five dedicated cell culture laboratories
  • Molecular biology facility
  • General purpose and biochemistry laboratories
  • Machines for mechanical testing of biological tissues or implantable materials
  • Equipment for a wide range of biochemical/cell biology analysis

Explore Cell Tissue Engineering facilities

Human robot interaction

Centre for Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary (ARQ)

The laboratory of the Centre for Advanced Robotics (ARQ) is equipped with:

  • Robotics-arms
  • Mobile platforms
  • Mechatronic and control systems
  • Swarm robots
  • Human-like robotic systems
  • Virtual reality and haptic interfaces
  • Human motion tracking system

Explore Robotics facilities

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