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Sustainability, environment, energy; Digital, information, data; Performance, communication, creative industries; Accelerating innovation and invention; Lifelong health and wellbeing

Research Highways

Queen Mary’s ethos as a leading, research-intensive university is built on a simple belief: when we embrace diversity of thought, opinion and ideas, we can achieve the previously unthinkable and take the world to new places.

Our Research Highways bring this ethos to life. Combining expertise across disciplines, this is research designed to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, grasp new opportunities and transform lives across the globe by:

  • Focusing on the big questions that affect us all: the sustainability of the planet; our digital future; people's health and well-being; communication, creativity and culture
  • Delivering real-world impact: through investment in the research and industrial ecosystem on and around our campuses, our global outlook and a passion for partnership
  • Harnessing the power of collaboration, partnership and our uniquely diverse and inclusive community, with students and staff from more than 170 countries around the world 


Discover Queen Mary's Research Highways

Diverse perspectives, unique expertise: Queen Mary’s research delivers real-world impact and changes lives. Explore our Research Highways.

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