Clove & Whole

Naomi Leonor Phan-Quang’s retail studio and event space needed an equally flexible, hardworking, and beautiful work surface. Naomi and Good Wood collaborated to design The Naomi Table - an 8 ft by 3 ft solid white oak table with a cotton white finish that lends a light and airy look to this versatile workhorse. The Naomi Table’s minimal styling and wheeled legs allow it to seamlessly transition to a retail environment, workshop setting, or event dining table. The Naomi Table can be customized to any number of dimensions and finishes utilizing a minimal material foot print of two sheets of plywood, a set of casters and natural finish.

Retail Space & Studio: Clove and Whole 

Styling & Photography: Naomi Leonor Phan-Quang

Custom Table: Good Wood 


Yonder SF